Dueling Covers in Seattle
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Dueling Covers in Seattle The Dan Savage-edited Stranger strikes again, with a well exected parody or The Seattle Weekly's "Best of Seattle" issue.
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Thanks. It was entertaining (and gave me the idea to put up a sign that says "'ITALIAN GIRLS: I'M IN APARTMENT 12".)
posted by timothompson at 5:29 PM on July 27, 2001

I love the Stranger! But I must report a rumor. . .don't ask me how I got it (probably a Seattle Weekly rumor-starter. I hope). But word is they're going under. To be replaced with another paper called "Rock, Paper, Scissors". That's what I hear third hand or so. And god do I hope it ain't so! Can anybody substantiate this?

I mean. I'd pay for the Stranger. If they'd just ask.
posted by crasspastor at 6:30 PM on July 27, 2001

I think the Stranger Jumped the Shark once Riz Rollins stopped writing for them. Although it really started its slow decline when it went from the smaller folded format (c. '93- '96?) to the tabloid format. Honestly, I like the Weekly better at this point- better writing, certainly. Still, it would be a shame for the Stranger to go under- as a part of the Keck publishing empire (Same guy that started the Onion- no joke!) it serves as an occasional gadfly to more traditional media in this one-horse town of ours... :)
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