Mighty Ducks train with the Sopranos
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Mighty Ducks train with the Sopranos in an effort to sell more tickets to their games. You would think that Anaheim Sports Inc. would spend more time recruiting better players than scaring bakers....
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Not only that, but they've "threatened" local businesses about the potential consequences of inadequate attendance to Might Ducks games.
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You know, as the reporter for the construction news agency which covered the construction of Paul Brown Stadium for the Cincinnati Bengals (and could they suck any more?), I was offered a season ticket at a slightly discounted rate because of the "assistance offered and provided in construction of our wonderful new facility." Seems pretty standard tone, though. Problem is, Mousekateers (sp?) can't really handle tone well. (I mean, damn, have you heard Brittney Spears sing?) Disney just tends to come off like a bully, which they are, even if they aren't trying to be.
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