Art Of Akira
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For any who lament not being able to visit the Toonseum's Art Of Akira exhibit (previously), there is a good-sized Flickr set of cells and backgrounds available to explore.
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How did I miss that previous thread and how did I not know about this exhibit? Toonseum is about a mile from my house, I'll walk over this weekend. Thanks hippybear.
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I'm sad that the advance of computer generated animation means no more animation cels. They're a treasure trove of elements, like a song split into its individual instruments, note by note.
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Fuck Yes!

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damnit, Pittsburgh? Please come somewhere closer to where I live.
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in b4 tetsuo...


oh well..

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I feel compelled to write that in every Akira thread. I love the shit out of that movie.
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Tried to watch recently the english redubbed version of Akira. Didn't sound right without Kaneda's high pitched voice and Tetsuo's pathetic wailings.
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When Joe was first raising money to put this show together he made a joke about how I should send him any Akira cells I have (or money). Since I didn't have any cells (or money) I decided to draw him a picture of Ben Stiller in Zoolander 2. I sent it to him and he got it.

And yes, I am aware that my brain doesn't work like a normal person's, and no, I don't mind so much.
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for anyone who is interested there is also a dvd available that collects the backgrounds and cells, arranged in the ordered in which they appear in the film.
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I have that DVD. It's fucking awesome.
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This post makes me a bit queasy thinking about the 3rd or 4th time (in one month) I saw Akira at the UC Theater in Berkeley, I think around 1990-1991. That night a card table was set up in the lobby with lovely souvenirs: VHS tapes, stickers, pins, and a fat stack of animation cells. I think they were going for $60-$100 each. I was too poor to afford one back in those days -- I could barely cover the ticket price. But I'm enjoying the Flickr set.
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Yeah, shmegegge, I have that DVD and the extras are very awesome. However, the dub is different from the first version I saw, and IMO, not as good.
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