The most important meal of the day...
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Saturday morning... Mimosa anyone? How about getting a little buzz and do some wafflizing. Don't drink? Go traditional. Chicken & waffles? Head over to Roscoe's!
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Wah-fuls jus' pa-in-caikes with little squa-ers on 'em! Yep, I'll be singing that later. Thanks; thanks a bunch.
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see Roscoe's Reduex also.
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It behooves me to mention the top ten breakfast beers. Of course, it helps if you don't live with your mom who looks down upon drinking before 5 PM.
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It's always 5pm somewhere.
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Actually, it was 5:28.
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Waffles! What a great idea!
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Off the Waffle in Eugene, Oregon is the cat's pajamas. We go there regularly for dinner, have never been there for breakfast.
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Wow. The Roscoe's vid had a cameo by the Higgins Boys (no Gruber), and Tim Robbins? Hahahahahaha....I'm so old.
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Fuck, I miss Roscoe's.
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Wait, you mean Roscoe's really exists?
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I was told there would be mimosas here. Can you tell me where they are?
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Yes, I'm pretty much here for a mimosa. Prosecco, please, and dear gods no pulp.
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Mimosa? fuck that!

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Ooooh, bellinis sound nice!
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nthing the bellinis

but for sunday brunches ;p full english breakfast after waking up to coffee
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Yay i just had a mimosa!
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My path and that of the Waffle Truck here in NYC finally converged on Thursday for the first time, to yummy results (Belgian waffle with strawberries and whipped cream). Then, while out with friends last night, I came across the truck yet again. I couldn't quite pass it up.

The truck is actually here in Brooklyn today and one of my friends sent me a message saying he was heading over there, but I declined to make it three for three.
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Chicken and waffles is not typically a breakfast or brunch or lunch where I live. It's usually served on a weekend evening. Do other people eat it for breakfast?
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Our local brunch haunt here in Lake Mary FL, Dexter's, has $10 bottomless Mimosas from 11 to 3 on Sundays. And they actually use Freixnet which is what I use at home. After brunch not much else gets done except for napping, lots of napping.
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a long time ago in a different century on a different continent, my then bf's father would make a grand production out of "sunday lunch" every single weekend - starting to cook grand meals (one memorable one had crab curry, shrimp biryani, dry beef with coconut) while waving around a glass of wine. friends would usually come over and sunday afternoon drinking would start - once we left an entire watermelon into which a whole bottle of vodka had slowly been poured through a tiny triangular hole overnight in the fridge, just for sunday.

after the boozy, sunshiny, raucous meal it was naptime with a vengeance in madras' southern heat

evening meant following granny to church but primarily hanging about the parking lot swapping saturday night tales of derringdo

then more beer and leftovers for "dinner" before settling down in front of the tv to prepare oneself for the trials of monday morning...

*burps nostalgically*
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eye of newt: Wait, you mean Roscoe's really exists?

Yes it does. It's an institution in LA. I used to go to the one off of Sunset all the time. Great place to go for a "slice of LA" kind of experience--you're equally likely to be sitting next to a happy family, a bunch of drunken college kids, a group of businessmen in expensive suits, a couple on a first date, a group of women in skimpy clothing out clubbing, a cracked-out drag queen, or Vince Vaughn.
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I love love love Roscoe's. Breakfast of fluffy crisp waffles AND crackling fried chicken, gilblets and rice - utter perfection. And joedan is spot on - the clientele is a mix of people and culture that you only find in LA. Where other cities pay lip service to diversity (SF - I am looking at you) - LA is effortlessly multi-culti in a way that is both banal and breathtaking.
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Scoe's Special #2 FTW.
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I like my mimosas with cava and fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice, with plenty of pulp. If blood oranges are in season, then I will take them over grapefruit (in pretty much everything, to be honest.)

Also, fuck a bellini: they sound like they'd be alright but every place I've been to with one on the menu invariably turns it into a bullshit peach slurpee with booze in it. If you're doing it at home, why not go all the way and just put a Peach in Champagne?
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one other thing: if your inner Alton Brown also looks at waffle irons and is all, "no! not a unitasker!" give (MeFi's own!) The Waffleizer a read and/or follow his twitter feed, where he points out other non-standard waffle iron usages.
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Mimosa anyone?

Yes please, easy on the fresh squeezed OJ.
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They should do Waffleizer... onna stick!
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Hash house a motherfucking go go has "Sage Fried Chicken stacked with our famous bacon waffle, hot maple caramel reduction and crowned with fried leeks" and it is where your puny expectations of chicken and waffles go to die only to be reborn in an mouthgasmic phoenix of sweet and vegetal, caramel and salt, fowl fluid so flavorful that you will IMPLODE WITH THE FORCE OF A THOUSAND STARS.

I do rather like this dish.
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I made falafel waffles once. They were pretty good, especially since they started out as a joke. They weren't falafel batter cooked in a waffle iron; they were made from waffle batter with a can of pureed chickpeas added to it. I put Tabasco red pepper jelly on them. Now I'm craving them again.

I made some bellini sorbet last week with 2 pureed peaches and 3 cups champagne. I used non-alcoholic champagne so that the kid could have some, and then drank the rest of the champagne with peach schnapps in it.
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I'm chiming in to say the Hash house in San Diego is ground zero for this kinda thing and close enough to the park and Zoo so you can walk enough your huge bacon pancakes and biscuits and mimosa sunday food orgy.
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Snoop Dogg hangin' out waffle-chickenating with his homey Larry King.
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The mimosa and the bloody mary serve the same purpose - hair of the dog what bit ya. Combined with greasy bacon and sausage and hashed-brown potatoes, and filling soft-boiled and poached eggs (with asparagus and back-bacon and hollandaise), and soothing syrup-drenched waffles and/or Pain Perdu, and a slice of roast beef from the joint to make you feel like a man, ah! Better. The Sunday Brunch is designed by the genteel upper-crust as the Ultimate Hangover Remedy.

Forget the B-Vitamins, and make reservations at the Officer's Club! Mimosas for the wine and cognac crowd, Bloody Marys for the beer and scotch set, for never, ever shall the grain and the grape agree.

Now, if we could only re-introduce kedgeree and black-and-white pudding and grilled tomato...
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The linked article under "traditional" says the Brussels and Liege waffles are "usually round".

That's funny. I've never seen Brussels waffles made round, nor a maker for them that's round. I own 2 Belgian waffle irons (purchased in Belgium), both are rectangular. My partner is Belgian. He's never seen these waffles made round. The Liege waffles are made from balls of dough, but the iron is rectangular. The results are kind of rounded squares.

Yet, that article has a photo of a round iron. Looks very much like my Krupps, except it's round. Mine was bought in Lier, Belgium. Last year.

Oh, wait. The author came from Walloon. They aren't like the majority of Belgians.
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