Squiggly lines, all alike
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Entanglement. A flash game: rotate tiles to make the longest line.

There are two versions of solitaire, and a local multiplayer game.

I think the theoretical highest score is 170 in the solitaire game, though that would depend on both skill and being quite lucky with the tiles you were presented.
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Topology was always my favorite part of math class.
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This is awesome. (Screencap of my first game.)
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So far... 48
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75! Unlocked something called Two Tile Tangle.
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The highest I have achieved on the "basic solitaire" is 125.

My strategy, which may or may not (more likely!) be the best, is to think about building two lines at the same time, the orange one "out" and a "return journey" line that you will eventually hook your orange line to.
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This is shockingly addictive for such a simple game, it ate up several evenings when I first came across it.

I think you're right that the maximum is 170. The only planning I could handle was to try and place the u-turn loops against the walls. If you managed to do that on every wall (apart from the one you started on, obviously) and avoided making any closed loops, there should be that many paths sections left. Though to actually get to them all is another matter.
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Impressively, it's not even a Flash game. It's all Javascript, CSS, and HTML (with liberal use of the CANVAS tag).
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I got to 101 in both solitaire modes. The main strategy was to block end strands off whenever possible, reducing the number of walls one can run into, and making for some long paths in the process.
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Nice! 82!
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32 on my first game. This is fun.
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This is hexagonal Tsuro. Like the card game, I imagine it might be slightly better with opponents.
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someone make this less addictive please
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This is great. So far I've managed 114 on the Single and 127 on the Two Tile tangle, using a similar strategy to what maxwelton suggests - plan your return journey as you go.

Also, I think I've been playing Tsuro wrong.
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Yeah, sorry about the flash mis-identifying thing. I'll email a mod to change the description, if they're willing.
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This baffles me.

When I start in Firefox 3.06, I see two hexagons. Clicking on the orange hexagon changes its appearance. After that, clicking on any of the regions where the cursor indicates clicking is possible has no effect. Pressing space then clicking adds a hexagon seemingly at random, which inevitably hits the wall after two or three repeats.

The arrow keys and scroll wheel also seemingly do nothing.

Is it supposed to be obvious how to use this?
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Thanks: a fun game on a rainy day!
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Is it supposed to be obvious how to use this?
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You may just have to update your browser. In FF3.6, you click and drag your mouse to rotate a hexagon, which is filled with grey lines. When you double click a hexagon, it is permanently placed, and is filled with the orange path. This is when a new hexagon is added, where the orange line connects through to.
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This game has definitely given me "tetris-head." I'm seeing squiggles in my sleep.
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Oh, you mean Psyche-Paths.
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Perfect game! 169 points! The high-point of my work-day!
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