It's So Beautiful
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It's like listening to someone masturbate. Cut out the word 'rainbow', and it's a porn soundtrack. /shudder
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Yeah, I had to immediately mute the sound. That initial bestial grunt was pretty embarrassing.

But boy, the pendant in me rankles at "giant rainbow". All rainbows are exactly the same size.*

*well, subtend the same arc. They don't really have a 'size'.
posted by phooky at 1:05 PM on July 4, 2010

Burning Man in 2007 had a famous double rainbow. Not only were the bands incredibly bright, but the brightest one had some weird doubling going on; instead of ROYGBV it went ROYGBVGBV. I later learned it's called a supernumerary rainbow.

After two days of intense dust storms where everyone was choking and exhausted, there was a rare brief rain shower, and then the sun came out and the double arc appeared. Just like that the mood across the city went from beaten down and exhausted to hopeful and exhilarated and just happy. Photos via Google. This is exactly what it looked like in real life.
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I hear that the mushrooms in Yosemite are, like, intense, man.
posted by chillmost at 1:12 PM on July 4, 2010 appears that somebody's been following me around with a camera, and I want to know who it is.
posted by Jimmy Havok at 1:12 PM on July 4, 2010

Has this guy been practicing Tantric prolonged orgasm techniques?
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I truly envy this guy, seriously. He was so moved by the sight of the rainbow that he wept. I wish things moved me like this.
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What does it mean? Manic phase.
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Of course, every rainbow is a double rainbow, a triple rainbow, a quadruple rainbow and so on. But it is nice when conditions allows you to see the second or third one. Given that each is about 1/10th the intensity of the previous one, you're unlikely to ever see four, and it's surprising how few people even realise there's more than one.
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That fellow might want to check behind him to see if Skittles popped out.
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That must be what it's like to actually taste the rainbow.
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Suggestion: Press the youtube "vuvuzela" button when the video starts. Much improved.
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What he's smoking.

I want it.
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For his own safety, I hope this guy has a caring & sensitive life partner who is also 100% in control of choosing vacation locations. I fear an unrecoverable system error may result from exposure to something like the northern lights.
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Wish I could have an orgasm from just seeing a rainbow :-/
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I am tempted to re-post this tomorrow just so the mods get to list the reason for deletion as "Full on double post all the way across the sky"
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"Dude, you are full on double bong so stoned."
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Remember, it's God's promise to always refract light through the visible colors of the spectrum.
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Here's an idea.
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This guy's reaction is nothing. You should see what happens to a Grateful Dead show when a rainbow breaks out.

I was at the Silver Bowl in/near Las Vegas for a dead show... just, ahem, wandering the parking lot with a few balloons in my hands. Eventually I settled down on top of a huge pile of telephone poles at the far edge of the parking lot, facing the back end of the stadium and facing the stage beyond that.

The Dead had just shifted into one of their hour-long drum solos when a thunderstorm rolled through the valley. It went from sunny to raining sideways in the space of minutes, lightning bolts crashing down, hitting the giant poles for lights in the parking lot, wind blowing tents and wet hippies around like tumbleweeds, people futilely chasing lost balloons blown away by the wind -- absolute pandemonium. This goes on for a good 45-60 minutes, but makes a good, colorful show from my vantage point.

And then the drum solo is winding down and a few strands of some familiar tune comes wafting out of the stadium -- but wait, it's not a Grateful Dead song, it's.... The Beatles?

Yeah, it's Here Comes The Sun and exactly on cue on the first verse a huge, fat crepuscular ray of sunshine blasts through the clouds and lands square on the stage front and center like a theater lighting tech's wildest fantasies.

A full double rainbow arcs over the whole stadium and parking lot scene before me. You can hear the people in the stadium screaming their approval at the beauty and timing of it all. Some random hippie sitting next to me on the pile of logs has dropped his jaw and he turns to me and says "Wooooah, man! Jerry... Jerry DOES talk to God!" to which I quipped "That, or John Lennon is God." which, in retrospect, probably hurt the poor guys brain more than I intended, because he didn't say anything much after that.

Meanwhile the parking lot is full of cheering, screaming, laughing and sometimes crying people pointing wildly at the sky and jumping up and down. Kind of like this guys reaction to the double rainbow, except there were hundreds if not thousands of people doing it all at the same time. It was kind of intense.

Then shortly after that, one of those flying city block sized C-17 or C-5 military cargo planes flew over the same scene and did a couple of passes, completely spoiling the gentle scenery. People responded with a lot of shaking fists and cursing at the sky with such intensity I was pretty sure the thing was going to explode just from the sheer hatred focused on it by a few thousand people all psychically amped up on a variety of shrooms and ergots, trying to crush the thing with their minds.
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I kept waiting for him to get eaten by a bear at the end. Oh well...
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So that's why there are so many songs about rainbows.
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Sundog. Solar halo.
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He found it. The Rainbow Connection. The lovers, the dreamers, and him.

It's like listening to someone masturbate.

My masturbation sessions usually don't involve that much laughing and weeping. Usually.
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My masturbation sessions usually don't involve that much laughing and weeping. Usually.

Try Icy Hot.
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Every time you see a rainbow, a leprechaun gets his wings!
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Imagine we could have some of that to relieve our aches and pains: I like the rainbow shot and am a fan of the mountains but the soundtrack about made me blow my spleen........
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"That, or John Lennon is God."

if that was the case, wouldn't he have made the Dead play this ?. don't think he would have chosen one of George's...
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I could only think of this.
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Moonbows are pretty awesome as well.
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Metafilter: Full On Double Rainbow.
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So like, is this guy related to the dude who took the video of that hail storm in his pool?

Seriously, though, while I was giggling at the OP video, those stories/images from Burning Man or the Dead show are actually quite moving, and you can understand how being alone after 1-2 days hike and seeing that would move you.

I can only imagine the intensity of feeling if there's been been nothing but dust and heat for days on end and suddenly a cool rain washes down, and a vibrant double rainbow etches across the sky and you are one of thousands simultaneously moved to tears of joy. I'd ache for months after to experience the same feeling- of wonder, and of connection and sameness to the usually so-distant people around me- even one more time.
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He gets excited about turkeys too.
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I didn't know about the vuvuzela button. I just laughed so hard that now I'm crying too.
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Poor Daniel Tosh... We have finally witnessed something to which there is no possible web redemption.

I mean, two girls (without the cup) will be able to redeem themselves before this guy does.
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I like the remixes, though.

He followed the rainbow, found a magical cave... and woke up, missing a kidney.
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I bet he would've liked the rainbow more if he hadn't been watching it through the viewfinder of his camcorder.
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Before I watched the video, I was fully prepared to come back here with an angry rant about how sad it is that people feel that have to belittle any honest display of real emotion.

Then I watched the video. Holy crap. That guy witnessed nature in all its wonder and majesty, and somehow still managed to OVERREACT.
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Been there. And a lot of mushrooms were involved. I'm not a betting person but if I were my money would be on good ol' psilocybe cubensis.
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Great stuff!! If the guy wasn't tripping on God or drugs I'd be surprised. And thank, markkraft for the second remix link (ala 2001 stargate sequence); that was especially genius.
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Fucking rainbows after it rains
there's enough miracles here to blow your brains...
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A double rainbow appeared in St. Louis May 26. This gallery's got 29 shots; what was more awesome, though, was searching Twitter for "#stl double rainbow" after that and seeing the entire city's response, as well as other cities' responses to their own double rainbows in the days before that, if you went back far enough. (None of which, of course, you can see anymore, since Twitter doesn't display search results going back that far. Sigh.)

I was driving home at the time, and watched the double rainbow shine overhead throughout—and for almost the entire drive, Jónsi's "Go Do" was playing. Good music for a double rainbow.

It was almost as magical as the time my fiancé and I were driving a long, winding highway to a little (well-irradiated) New Jersey town, and the entire 20-minute drive some loping, quiet song about radiation (whose name we never learned) played on the radio, then fuzzed out into oblivion as we reached our destination.
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Awesome. It's good to see a person in love with nature.
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He was just having an incredibly intense craving for some Double Rainbow ice cream.
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But boy, the pendant in me rankles at "giant rainbow".

And you in turn are rankling the pendant in me.
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The pendulum is getting rather rank, I'd say, oozing pendulosity from every pore.
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Double Rainbow Song!
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MetaFilter: What does it mean?
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Another remix, now with more Kermit.
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Someone showed me this a couple of weeks ago. jessamyn saw a double-rainbow today, so I linked her to this. (Also, I was making sure I wasn't gonna double-post anything, too. Good job, teh bests of th webz0rz, rah rah rah.)

I actually saw a double-rainbow over (maybe?) "the most-photographed lighthouse in the world" back in 1989 or so, on a late afternoon, after a small rainstorm had passed right over us - I had a camera, too, but it'd take some digging to find the snapshot. In any case, I saw one, there, and did not jizz in my pants OMGBBQ, but it was pretty awesome.
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Flower Warfare
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