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“I like to think that at best the interview becomes something like the unaccountable experience of talking to oneself in a mirror.” - Michael Silverblatt, Host of Bookworm on KCRW interviewed by Sarah Fay for The Believer. All twenty years of Bookworm archives can be heard here
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His DFW interview is one of the most compelling things I've ever heard. It's interesting that Silverblatt dropped that quote, during the interview DFW asks: "Can you adopt me?". He's incredibly insightful and clever without being pretentious or haughty. I love him.

The DFW interviews can be nabbed from The David Foster Wallace Audio Project
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"I have an experience of the book, and it's as if I have not a flat surface in front of me but rather a beehive around my head. It's very strange." - from the Believer interview

I was thinking of posting this, I had never heard of Bookworm before reading the interview in the Believer, and have been devouring the podcast since. Fantastic stuff.
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I love Michael Silverblatt's interviews. There's something so charmingly unguarded about the guy -- he's not trying to put on some kind of persona, there's no attempt to out-cool the interviewee, no pretense or ego. He's utterly unembarrassed about his love of books and his curiosity about the people who write them.
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Michael Silverblatt is honestly one of the best readers on books in the U.S. today, despite only rarely writing. He evidently studied with Donald Barthelme; he has a nice account of that time in the McSweeney's issue from a couple years back devoted to Barthelme.
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I love Silverblatt. I always groan when I find myself in my car on Thursdays at 2:30, and Bookworm is on. It's like the most horrific experience ever. But I don't change the channel. Silverblatt comes with KCRW. I will eat my vegetables so that I may have ice cream later.

Seriously, though, he won me over with one interview, where the interviewee started coughing. And coughing. I was all...wtf? They had been discussing gender identity. The interviewee, coughing, then sounding like he was strangling himself...turned into a woman. On the radio. I was astonished. That was absolutely the weirdest thing I have ever heard on the radio, before or since, and completely, totally unexpected.
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Am I the only one who thinks this guy always sounds like he needs to blow his nose?
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