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The fairy tales of robots... Tarboy, an extremely appealing little animation, brought to you from Down Under by James and Hania Lee. With quite a nice soundtrack available for free download.

I hope everyone found this as amusing as I did. Found it while prowling around after getting frustrated with Coma.

And before anyone says anything, I have nothing to do AT ALL with Newgrounds other than finding some cool animation over there.
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I can't get the clip to load, but no discussion in which "fairy tales" and "robots" is complete without a hat tip to the master.
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Hmmmm. Watched it twice here. Seconding the Lem.
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That was the worst game ever!

Ok, it was a cute video though.

"You swore."

"Shut up, Billy!"

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This was very cute. And the music is great.
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That was quite good.

You also just turned me on to Cyanide and Happiness. I watched the short, "Waiting for the Bus" and found that it was epic. This was not in my life before and now it is. Thankyou.
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i'm so happy that newgrounds is still around and people are still creating new videos.

on further investigation albino black sheep is still alive too.

go web1.0!
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Awesome. Glad to oblige. As I said, I found this one out whilst frustrated with Coma. The soundtrack is free to download here all legal like, from the composer and all.

(I actually had that in the original version of the post. GAH!)
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Any similarity to certain current events involving transnational corporations and tar-like substances is pure coincidence.
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The song "Two's a Party" is quite good...and smutty, but my mind is always in the gutter.
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very nice! the music contributed the most the character of the work, for sure.

the only thing I found annoying about Coma is the piano is tuned a whole step sharp....I know, it's a little thing.....
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(Speaking of robot folklore and Lem, if you liked Cyberiad particularly it's last chapter, there's more like it to be found in Mortal Engines)
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Agreeing with the Lem. I find it very difficult to like this style of animation though. To me, it says, "Hi, I'm stylistically one-dimensional, but look how cool I am!" And then I turn it off.
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