Awesome Japanese Retro Sci-Fi Art Collection
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An AWESOME collection of sci-fi illustrations by the prolific Shigeru Komatsuzaki (1915-2001), whose fantastic work appeared on plastic model kit boxes and in magazines and picture books in the 1960s to 1970s. via

I really wanted to provide a link to a site with more info about Komatsuzaki but it's proved very difficult to find one.... I thought there would at least be a Wikipedia page...
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I don't know how I missed that before....
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"ATTACK BOY" is exactly what I'd like to look like after robo-transmogrification.
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I hope I never need help like this.

Komatsuzaki's careful treatment of the Thunderbird vehicles suggests to me that he took his craft very seriously. I'm sure he faced some pressure to make those illustrations look more juvenile.
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Thunderbirds forever!
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Hello, new collection of background desktop images.
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Love those images. Interesting how merchandising was integral to entertainment even then. The date on those Thunderbirds illustrations indicate must have been on the inside track in marketing the stuff.

The space ark illustration is something the 10 year old in me really digs, with the end of the world/biblical theme, while the grown-up me finds very curious, framing the scenario with gunmen protecting the ark and it's cargo from hordes of what look like African people. Who seem oddly more lamentful than desperate about the events at hand.
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Nobody tell 4chan about the Giant Shocker Machine.
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Where did the future go? I thought it would be here by now.
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The thing I like about the Japanese though is they do attempt to try an build the futures they've seen.
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Hello, new collection of background desktop images.

Hey, that was my comment!

As far as being a duplicate post, fine by me - I evidently missed the previous post as well. The SHADO images are great; UFO was one of my fave shows growing up.
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Thanks, this totally made my day. I love this aesthetic so much.
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That "Ark of Space" illustration looks strangely familiar (which in no way diminishes it's awesomeness).
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At some point, the future stopped being about rockets and robots, and became more about resource management and sustainability.

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Did everyone see the great comment thread? It starts on the first post, by Steve.
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Thanks for this. I have a new line of beer labels for my homebrew now.
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I like STEVE'S comments and all his friends chiming in.
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Some of these illustrations were adapted for the most excellent Mix-UP series of techno mix albums.
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Wait... can a plane LAND on a backwards-rolling conveyor belt? MY MIND SHE IS BLOWN
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