I dont know why I did this just wanted to try something different
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"Scream" a video by aspiring DIY pop-star (and ostensible straight person) Sky Smith.

Formerly a high school teacher, Sky is now working to pursue his interests in music. He has songs about being cold, duets with his father (Elvis?) and warnings about the influence of drugs. He's just as god made him, sir.

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DIY pop stars are the best kind.

This is pretty hilarious.
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Formerly a high school teacher

His former students must really love this.
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Truly sorry for leaving out Miss You More, which may be his masterpiece. Make sure to last until 1:55 when the fight breaks out.
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Is it satire? Is it serious? It seems mostly serious...but..

I cannot tell, this is confusing me. This may be some of the most challenging art work that I have ever tried to comprehend.
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Miss You More

It's fucking Baba O'Riley!?
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Oh man, that via link, I don't know if I should bookmark it or alert the authorities.
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Well, as Thomas A. Einstein said, "Failure is one percent perspiration and ninety-nine percent aspiration."
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Hicksu, perhaps it would help to know that upon further investigation his father does indeed turn out to be an Elvis impersonator who has uploaded nearly 400 videos of himself doing karaoke.

Then again, perhaps that doesn't help at all.
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It is serious. I thought it was a goof at first, but if you go through the videos, especially those with his dad... you see how this guy would consider himself (relatively) talented.

Being from Branson, Missouri, I do see these types - especially people like his dad, E. It wouldn't surprise me if he's made his own trip here to give it a try.

Not even a hint of talent, but it does not deter them in the least. They truly believe they have a gift that the world must see. Usually it shows up as a demo CD, or at the tiny mall stage doing free shows for the elderly people who don't want to walk anymore. And sometimes those old people truly love the performance.

I know it isn't good to put down people for creating, and trying. But God do I hate people like this.
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Ah, the Ostensibly Straight. May there be room in the pride parade for us, too. LGBTQ+OS!
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I think I found his former students loving this.
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Then again, perhaps that doesn't help at all.

Thank you. I am less confused now.
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And it looks like the dream died. No new videos in almost a year, and the last one was a tour of his new house. Vanity website is dead, and no MySpace updates in almost a year as well.

If you need a moment to compose yourself, just watch E in a performance of "I Saw Her Standing There" where it appears he could start crying at any point in the song.
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that makes me sad
and he was just starting to get used to LA!

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Wow, that's depressing.
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My favorite update from his Twitter:

Going to Tosh.0 today!
1:09 PM Oct 13th, 2009 via web

I wonder if Tosh had any idea that YouTube gold was sitting right in the audience.
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Why is it that when I watch the videos I feel I'm left waiting for the funny?
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Poop star? OH, pop.
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Feel feel feel feel my heat.
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Is there a rule that if you make a video about the dangers of drugs it will inherently be more awesome when you watch it on drugs?
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weird dude energy indeed....
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Whenever I see a man named Sky—why aren’t women named Sky? Or are they?—I am reminded of a favorite television series from my childhood, Sky King.

Basically, if memory serves, he used his piloting skills to help people in distress.

Other than that, apart from bad acting, I find no other parallels.
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NO. NO. NO. can't go back to Before Sky Smith Video Viewing Time. NO. NO. NO.

"there, there, sir - there, there, here's your binky...."
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amirite? even a little bit?</small?
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man, sky smith is the best stuff i've heard in years, i can't believe ya'll are hating so hard
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I saw the Eddie Money with dad a couple of months ago. I was really confused by it. And fascinated by it. And watched it way too many times. The earnestness is what makes it work.
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Potomac Avenue: “... ostensible straight person...”


So, here in Denver, we have this thing called the Butterfly Pavilion, which is an awesome sort of aviary for butterflies; you can go inside and watch them fly around. About a year ago, I was riding around with some "friends" of mine and their five-year-old son when we passed the Butterfly Pavilion. He saw the sign, and he asked what it was; I said "well, it's a big dome with lots of butterflies inside." His eyes lit up, and he said: "mommy, I wanna go to the Butterfly Pavilion!" At which she turned and gave a knowing look to her husband and said: "see, what'd I tell you? All the signs are there – he's gay." Her husband laughed and nodded. I don't think she noticed, but her son didn't really know what that meant; he just looked confused, and pretty worried. I don't think he'll ever mention the Butterfly Pavilion again, anyway.

It's hard to jump right in and tell people they're doing it wrong with their own kids, but I asked them about it later. They were quick to state for the record that they have nothing against homosexuality, that in fact some very good friends of theirs are gay, and that if their son turned out gay they'd love him just the same as if he's straight. They just thought it was funny, is all, and they said they like to be up-front about that stuff. Also, they like to think of themselves as maintaining a good partnership even in the midst of the whole parenting thing.

Anyway, I just wanted to mention that, Potomac Avenue, since it seems like you'd get along well with these "friends" of mine. I should introduce you. You could do a world of good together. Heaven forbid a little boy like butterflies, or singing, or dancing, or the color pink, or playing with dolls, or anything like that – without being made uncomfortable and accused of being "ostensibly" gender-normative. Oh, I know, you don't hate gay people; you're quite liberal. I get it. People of every sexual orientation have a place in society. It's just funny when people don't know their place, right?
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cool story bro
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Nah, I actually thought it was pretty fucking gay.
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