Swing, swing, Spidey!
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It seems cosmically appropriate that the Spider-man theme song (as recorded by Michael Bublé) should be used by swing dancers as well as solo performers. Here's a live rendition by the Russian group Mad Swing in Vladivostok, and (just for something different) here's a chronicle of Spider-Man's adventures set to Swing Swing by the eponysterical All-American Rejects. Previously and previouslier.
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Heh, I can't remember where I saw one of the linked (either Twitter or a Google Reader thing) but I definitely understand its appeal—particularly because I re-blogged it on my site. Plus, the people blogging about it get to use "swinging" puns! Everyone wins!
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I gotta admit, this is not what I expected when I typed "swinging" into the search box.
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The version of Michael Bublé's cover that most of these videos use is the Junkie XL remix from the end credits of Spider-Man 2. It sounds like Mad Swing is covering the original version of the cover (what?) from Bublé's Babalu album (2001). And then Ameritz made a karaoke version of the Junkie XL remix, so that's three versions of one cover.

Thank you so much for this post -- the Spider-Man theme is one of my favorite songs, and after the most famous renditions (Bublé, the Ramones, Moxy Früvous, Aerosmith) it's really hard to find other good covers. Ugress, who's the last band in the last link, has their "Italian detective*" style cover free for download on their website; it seems to be slightly different from the one on animatedsuperheroes.com.

A favorite not on that page is the slower jazz/R&B version by "Frenchy", which I got from Sony's music store with a free $5 gift card several years ago and have never found anywhere else. It might actually have been Frenchie Davis, but I'm not sure.

And while we're at it, my favorite Spidey songs which aren't the '67 cartoon theme: Kakero! Spider-Man, the theme to the 1970's Japanese super sentai adaptation (I love that this exists), T.M. Revolution's "Web of Night," for the Japanese release of Spider-Man 2 (English/Japanese), and the Spectacular Spider-Man Theme by The Tender Box.

* But not Italian Spiderman.
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So we hired a children's entertainer to come and sing some songs at my son's 2nd birthday party, and she asked us what he was into. I told her he was crazy about Spider-Man. She did a few generic birthday type songs at the party, and then went into the classic Spider-Man theme However, after finishing the first and second verses... she just went and repeated the first verse again! I was holding my son as we sang and danced around, and we both just stopped. He looked at me and said "Where 'action his reward', Daddy?"

Damn near broke my heart.
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Thank you, Mister Moofoo- I knew someone would have the moxy to throw out some music from Kanuckistan.
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GAH! Earworm! Earworm!
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It looks like the first swing dancing spiderman had to summon every ounce of his spider-strength to lug his partner around the floor.
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Moxy Fruvous, Michael Buble, Spiderman Theme all in one post???

What is this? Hell On Earth day? I thought that was in September sometime.

I need me some ACDC.
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Don't forget the Spider Pig.
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Different genre, same subject: "Rock Reflections of a Super-Hero".
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Quite similar to jitterbugging from the 1940s.
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I remember enjoying the Apollo Four Forty remix (YT link, gratuitous Carnage) enough that sometimes I would throw on the Dreamcast Spider-man game just to listen to it playing on the menu screen.
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The Spider Man theme song is one of my favorites to sing with semi-random made-up lyrics, on a Friday night, when I'm in my cups and playing TF2.

I should probably stop doing that.

The singing I mean
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That azz
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