Unesayvtli, Usdi. Yust dohi yust gusdi?
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Swedish-Cherokee artist America Meredith shows you how to be a Cherokee beatnik (or just talk like one).

Also, don't miss her gallery page, which includes both more and less traditional subjects.
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Other than knowing that the (or at least a) Ojibwa word for "coffee" is "muckadaymashkeekiwabu," I have nothing to add to this. I was trying to learn the Ojibwa word for blueberry pie as well, but I ran out of time. None of this will help you with Cherokee beatniks, but it might help you in a pan-Native American coffee shop.
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Hah. This is great. I have a few friends who have been studying Cherokee for the past few years, I will share this with them.
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I met her in the year 2000 while working to help organize the Cycle Messenger World Championships in Philly. If I recall correctly, she designed this logo for the event. I recall her as a wonderful and talented woman. I am glad to see that she is getting recognition for her work.
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Mr. Arkham introduced me to her work, after falling in love with this. We're both big fans now, I hope to see her stuff in person someday.
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Thank you for this introduction, JoanArkham! Wow, I really like these.
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