Rock your Golgi body.
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(Late) Friday Flash Fun: CellCraft. Build and improve a cell, learn how real cells work, and save the Platypus species!
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Awesome. The music is definitely reminiscent of that used in Harvard University's Inner Life of the Cell. I do science outreach in grades 6-12, and will definitely be suggesting this for classroom use. Also, the platypus is my favorite animal (along with their babies, commonly called puggles).
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this is such a weird little game. i like it.
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Pretty good. The dialog is amusing: "We don't have any ideas right now, but if you give us a ridiculous amount of grant money, we'll figure something out."
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This is a delight.
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Well I don't know if I'm just an idiot or if there is some sort of bug but I've been making fatty acids from excess glucose for over 20 minutes and I still haven't met the objective. I gave up.
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Good stuff. Thanks.
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I'm having the same problem Bonzai. 10000 ATP, 9400 AA, 200 FA and no progress.
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According to the update info:
Two bugs have been reported a few times that we’re going to work on fixing tomorrow. In the meantime, if you’re in Level 3 trying to make fatty acids, and you have more then 10, then the level bugged and you’ll want to restart it. There are a few oddities on the last level that we’re going to try to sort out too.
I got past the fatty acid level and made it to the last level, at which point it hung up completely and I could no longer produce anything. Curse you, Perry the Biologist!!
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Restarting only restarts that level. Yay.
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I feel like I have been tricked into learning something...
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I'm rather impressed with how scientific this game is. I could easily see a high school Biology teacher using this as an aid for Molecular Biology.
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That was awesome.

I am so jealous of the resources kids have to learn these days.
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