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Lewis Marshall "Grandpa" Jones was one heck of a banjo player and storyteller best known for his role on Hee Haw. Those Delmore Boys? Lord can they sang,sang,sang. Merle? Hell he invented a whole new way to pick. Want to learn how? Drawn together by their love of traditional gospel music, they became country music's first supergroup. The Brown's Ferry Four. Their complete recordings.
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What I really want to know was what was going on between him and Minnie Pearl.
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My Dad was/is a big Grandpa Jones fan: "Look at him spank that banjo!" he'd remark while watching Hee Haw. My other Grandpa Jones memory is of him breaking down and crying during one of those "true crime" TV shows about the murder of David "Stringbean" Akeman. Grandpa lived across the road from Stringbean and the two were very good friends. Grandpa was the one who discovered the bodies of Stringbean and his wife (he'd noticed that they weren't up and about at their usual time and went over to their house to see if they were OK).
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Check the "storyteller" link Oriole. Also, FWIW I doinked the "his role" one, which should be this.
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I have the Bear Family box set. It's awesome.
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Related: Alton' Delmore's Truth Is Stranger Than Publicity is a pretty fascinating read.
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His banjo was stolen a few blocks from where I live!

(I don't have it)
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Well done, sir.
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