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Marvel Comics' Planet of the Apes magazine (1974-1977) , now forgotten by all but a few comics readers and genre film buffs, was canceled abruptly, leaving in mid-stream a story intended to go on for years. Now writer Doug Moench has allowed the original manuscripts of his unused scripts to be published for the first time, providing (some) closure to longtime readers and a fascinating look at how comics scripting happened way back when. posted by kittens for breakfast (8 comments total) 9 users marked this as a favorite
(Actually, I see now that grumblebee's post is still open -- I would not weep if this were moved over there.)
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grumblebee's post is only about the covers -- and mostly aboout U.S. covers vs. foreign covers.

This is definitely more plot-heavy.
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There should be a contractual obligation to link this to any post mentioning PotA.
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i was not aware Dr.Zaius authorized the use of color?
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This is great stuff. Most people don't realize that Planet of the Apes was among the first serialized, cross-media film franchises -- sequels, toys, comics, cartoons, etc.

Without Planet of the Apes, there's no Star Wars.
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a fascinating look at how comics scripting happened way back when.

It probably should be noted that this is what they call the Marvel style of scripting, where the artist works from an outline and then dialogue is added after the art is done - a style pioneered by Stan Lee, whose outlines were by all accounts way less descriptive ("Hey Jack, go do a story with Galactus, or something.")
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Interesting stuff. It's funny, for some reason I never liked Moench that much--I'm not sure if it was something about his writing style, or something he said in an interview, I can't even remember now, but something rubbed me the wrong way back in the day--but this shows a real enthusiasm for his work. (And I realize that exclamations like "holy shit" probably wouldn't have made it into the book, even if they'd been part of a script (which they aren't here) but seeing Moench use "shit" a couple of times in his outline reminds me that these non-Comics Code Authority comics magazines of Marvel's had a bit more leeway in what they could show (e.g. breasts) than the regular line of comics, something that Marvel occasionally took advantage of in the seventies, particularly in their horror-themed books like Tomb of Dracula.

There's also an implicit debt to Jack Kirby's work in the late sixties and early-mid seventies at DC and Marvel, particularly things like Kamandi and even his bizarre run on Black Panther. I mean, my initial reaction to reading about "Smashore, a 9-foot-tall albino Gorilloid with a hole in his head to propel bombs, a utility belt, bionic eyeballs able to shoot death rays, and laser-shooters in his fingertips" is to say you gotta be kidding me, but then I remember that in a Kirby 70s comic, that would have been one of the less rococo concepts.
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Thanks, Doug. Now how 'bout some Aztec Ace scripts?
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