Born In The Sky
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Born In the Sky: Upsetter at the Controls With Susan Cadogan - Do It Baby (Nice 'n Easy) and The Upsetters - All Combine.
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Huh? I don't get it. Lee Perry is a huge personal hero of mine, so that's cool, but this makes no sense.
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And if you dig Scratch too, here's a link to an attempt at a complete discography. It's not COMPLETE complete, because that would be impossible given that Lee Perry has released a record more times than you've gone to the bathroom, but it's as close as humanly possible.
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Yeah, I like Lee Perry a hell of a lot, too, but this appears to be no more than an advertisement for a Lee Perry CD compilation that appeared in 2003. Why?
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As Lee Perry comps go, I prefer Arkology--or even Ape-ology.
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(And although it hasn't been produced for a while, the Radio Scratch podcast was great while it lasted.)
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Oh there is good stuff scattered throughout box, no doubt, though I do think he could get a wee indulgent in his deepest dub phase. I liked his really hard to find space disco stuff from the mid-eighties. Kind of like this - Angel Gabriel and The Space Boots - but not quite.

here is some recent stuff done with the White Belly Rats in Sweden I think - I am a Psychiatrist

I've run across that eternal thunder site before, and always been disappointed. I guess me and that dude just have different tastes.
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found two more from the album -- Rainy Night Dub (so good!) and Conqueror - Stranger & Gladdy .
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Mid-80s space disco? I'd love to hear more about that--I've got a huge soft spot in my heart for Brentwood Disco Set, Scientist, proto-dancehall and this compilation.

Aside from the Adrian Sherwood and Bullwackie collaborations, I don't know jack about Lee Perry in the '80s.
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