Nomadic Milk
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Nomadic Milk. Dutch artist Esther Polak uses GPS, white sand, and a robot to explore traditional versus industrial milk economies in Nigeria.
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Cool! I like how the farmers would recall oddities in their trips as they're replayed in sand in front of them, like how when the robot stopped for a few minutes he recalled being stuck in traffic for hours.
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I really like the fact that she included the thoughts and ideas of the people she documented in her overall understanding of the project. It sounds like they were able to draw quite a few parallels, as the actors in this, that she as observer would not have been able to see as clearly.
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But think about it, shakespeherian--you only got two comments, but with seven favorites, that means you got 3.5 favorites to every comment in the thread. A decent ratio, surely? Until I turned up and messed it up.
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