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Typhoonized's You Tube channel has a collection of songs that have been slightly pitch-shifted, and sped up, which gives them a surprising quality all their own. Take Jon and Vangelis - He Is Sailing (original here), or try RYUIKI SAKAMOTO - OKINAWA SONG (Chin Nuku Juushi) and Astrud Gilberto - Agua De Beber. (with sci-fi/fantasy themed illustrations of unknown provenance)
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Okinawa Song original
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When I listen to the Jon & Vangelis material, I have to remind myself that most of it was improvised live in the studio and recorded directly, no rehearsal etc. Vangelis really was into that whole mindmeld musician headspace which souls in tune with each other can achieve, and he and Jon really did a lot of that. Truly amazing.

I don't know how I feel about that sped-up version. I'm glad it's not all chipmunk-ish. That would have been terrible. But it's an interesting experiment with how pitch and timing can affect the mood of a piece, so I'm all for this kind of exploration.
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Hmmph. I like this. Don't want to admit it, but I do. Dammit.
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Yeah there's something weird about it right treepour? But then I used to love Private Collection when I was a kid. I remember jamming he is sailing one beautiful spring day and a thunder storm blew up. and the back of the leaves showed white. I got chills. That whole album was the jam. A kind of synthtopia.

Besides any channel with Hamilton Bohannon is cool with me :)
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It is a little interesting, I suppose. I was just playing with Astrid Gilberto's Agua De Beber in QT player, altering the pitch without tempo, and the results were indeed interesting. I kinda liked it transposed down about a fifth. Kinda sounded like Milton Nascimento if he did straight bossa nova covers.
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anyone know who does the artwork on the Okinawa song one? It looks like it's all the same person perhaps scans of book cover art from a collection.
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too fast... my brain... « Older The Mynabirds :Laura Burhenn who, like lots of goo... oh my!
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Sounds like they had drive-by from the Nitrous Mafia
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Somehow, the fast version of Astrud Gilberto's track sounded familiar, and then I realized I've listened to a lot of weird remixes. Sped up bossa tracks are not to uncommon in the context of remixes. Interesting stuff.
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I like Jon & Vangelis, sped up or otherwise. Cool. :)

When I'm feeling guh because I followed the wrong creepy link on the internet or whatever, Jon and Vangelis always bring me back to a place of hope and light and joy and benevolence. Call them cheesy or whatever you like, they just have a special place in my heart.

And thank you Wikipedia for telling me that Vangelis *auditioned to be in Yes* but was turned down in favor of Patrick Moraz! I did NOT know that! A Vangelicized Yes would have been awesome.
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A Vangelicized Yes would have been awesome.

Indeed, it would have been, but it actually would have been Vangelis with the members of Yes as a backing band. He's notoriously difficult to work with in a band setting (hence the short duration of Aphrodite's Child). I read something at one point which stated that the entire group realized this and it was a mutual decision for them not to work together. But out of that audition grew the Jon & Vangelis projects, and for those alone it was a worthwhile audition.
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And if you do this to Black Sabbath's Iron Man you get a really thrashing punk track.
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Nitrous makes your voice lower, gallagho.
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I'd love to hear a pitch shifted version of J.J. Cale's Travelin' Light.

But wow, just listen what this technique does with something as banal as Johnny Clegg -- JULUKA - Mantombana ( fast ).
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Whoa, I take that back. The original mantombana is pretty hot.
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