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Fewdio makes short horror movies. Two to ten minutes apiece. Here's a few to get you started. The Shiny Button.
The Mockingbird.
Cleansed (gory).
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bonus starter: Ninja Clown Monster
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Fuckity fuck. Why do I click through these things?

I'm still having nightmares about finding my hole at Amigara Fault and that was almost three years ago.
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hal9k: but what happens when you click on it 665 more times? Muah-ha-ha-ha
but seriously I emailed the mods
But seriously, click that link a bunch more.
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Next was kind of meh. Not-bad effects, but poor acting, and while I know it was going for humor. the humor was facile and there were a lot of cooler, more lynchina places they could have gone with it.

Creep, on the other hand, I thought was very well-done. We all know as soon as we see the set-up what's going to happen, and so we just spend the time watching, not the woman, but the negative space, waiting for the reveal, which was very economical and creepy. I'm not sure that the last second of it was even necessary.

Cleansed while gory to be sure, was also full of great moments. We're less sure where that one's going, just that it has a lot of time (relatively) to set up its tone and get there. I'd like less reliance on musical stings, but the toilet-thing was great. Lots of great evocation through half-seen images and solid sound design.

And finally, I thought that Ninja Clown Monster was going to be just a joke. Which I guess it is. It just has a very, very effective and suitable punchline.
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these are really good. I really REALLY like what these guys are doing. fuckin' a. kudos to them.
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Yeah. A friend of mine and I have been talking about getting together to make some horror shorts, but short horror concepts are not easy. No time to set up tone. If the horror is realistic, there's not much time to set up your victim and why we should connect to them, and if it's supernatural the same problem arises in setting up your concept.

But these guys seem to have a dozen ways of handling those problems. Creep gives us a cliche so that we know what's up from the beginning, and then just focuses on the inane chatter of our "protagonist" until the inevitable happens. Mockingbird leaves it to our imagination just what we're dealing with and what might have happened, showing us precisely nothing.

Again, I didn't really dig Next but these guys are good for sure.
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I think "economical" is a really good word. Not in the sense of "cheap", but they don't waste anything. The Clown one really reminded me of That Horrible Zulu Doll From That 70s Horror Movie, but without having any distracting details. Who gave him the awful doll? Who cares, says Fewdio.

I haven't gotten through a lot of them, but after these few I knew I was on to something good.
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Oh, wow. I just watched Ninja Clown Monster, and I can't wait to watch the rest of them.

In daylight.
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So I was watching Tales from the Darkside a while ago when I got into a conversation with a friend about how sooner or later someone would just adopt that aesthetic to the internet, because Darkside cost roughly fifty cents to make an episode and you could put that much money into shorts now, with today's technology, and end up with something really effective, and man, why wasn't anybody...

...So anyway, I somehow learned of Drew Daywalt through twitter a couple of months later (but this isn't a friend-hype thing here; our only exchange came when he asked me what comic I was talking about because it sounded awesome [this one, which in fact is awesome]). And I'm stunned by how good these just look and sound, even if the stories are (necessarily) limited by their format. As with anything else neat and artistic on the internet, I wonder how long they'll keep doing it essentially for love of the game (free stuff is neat for the consumer, less great for the artists), but I hope it goes on for some time to come.
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And they have a sense of humor, too: Vargel Geroth, Monster from Hell
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To put it another way, now that I've thought about it some more... what these guys are really good at it is creating excellent opening pre-credit scenes to larger films, and then just leaving us with those.
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A Horror Story Written For The Cover Of A Matchbook

In the dark Naomi
mistook a shard of
broken light bulb
for her contact lens.

- Chuck Wachtel
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The one you want is Bedfellows. Or perhaps that is "don't want."
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adipocere: "The one you want is Bedfellows . Or perhaps that is "don't want.""

ITYM The Feed.
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This is what I've decided (so listen up, folks, 'cause it's important): Horror stories actually work better in shorter form. Oh, I've read some good horror novels (though not lately), but in general, I think modern horror writers get too bogged down in argumentation. So lately I've just been reading short horror stories. Then again, maybe all the meds have just shortened my attention span.

So I like most of these videos - they get to the meat of the scary without a lot of nonsense. Yeah, the acting was kind of painful in "Next", but I thought "Cleansed" was pretty great.
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I also enjoyed cleansed.
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While it's obvious that there are some great shorts here, there are some clunkers, too. 'Prey' is a perfect amalgamation of every terrible short ever written by cinema freshmen.
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Why do I watch these things? I watched Creep until the...thing, then had to pause it, wait thirty seconds to until I was brave enough to scrub to the end, then eventually went back and finished it. I hate scary stuff, hate it, and yet I am drawn to it anyway.

All this just a couple of weeks after making it not-quite-halfway through Drag Me To Hell before breaking into tears and demanding (through pitiful sobs) that Mr. Cardanthian turn it off RIGHT NOW. Quit trying to watch scary movies, Kelley.
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