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The photo agency VII has started an online magazine to distribute their work themselves. Stephen Mayes, of VII, discusses this new venture, and the state of the photojournalism and its future.

From the video interview description:
In this first video of the “Sortir du Cadre” Interview series, Stephen Mayes gives an insight of the VII’s new Magazine and goes further to explore the state of the photojournalism and its future. He explains how VII approaches the market by trying to innovate and change the way photojournalism interact with the print press and Internet. In the interview Stephen Mayes also describes how, he thinks, the concepts of crossmedia and transmedia will modify the landscape of multimedia.
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The magazine looks neat; too bad my internet is so slow right now that I can't appreciate video or slide shows.

Still, couldn't let this pass without ANY comments, y'know. Good post.
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I was trying to think up the last time I posted something here without it getting any comments. I wonder how often that happens now that the site is so big.

The interview is actually pretty interesting to listen to, though it's a bit long at 30 minutes.
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