Yet Another YouTube Script
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Yet Another YouTube Script, by eugenox. Unlike nearly every other predecessing YouTube userscripts that erratically worked or broke with site revisions, this userscript interfaces with the YouTube Player API to globally control autoplay and playback quality to stop the repeated web annoyance of YouTube autoplay. (It also lets you pick a lower or higher quality video as your default.)

(Looking for a test video? How about the original ending to Titanic – no kidding, this is how it originally would've ended. Thank God Cameron wasn't Lucas.)

Once installed, click on the "settings gear" button beneath the video to set your settings. Has worked great for me personally, but stopping autoplay does break time linkage.
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Cool, seems to work well in Chrome. Wish it also had a pref for automatically enlarging the player size, though.
posted by endquote at 8:11 PM on July 18, 2010

FINALLY I can have by-default HD video. Thanks.
posted by mek at 9:01 PM on July 18, 2010

Pretty cool, thanks.
posted by doctor_negative at 9:04 PM on July 18, 2010

is that enya that comes in at 6m54s!? ... oh, nevermind :P
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I'm a big fan of the YouTube Enhancer script. It lets you loop videos, play back a selection, watch frame-by-frame, set the default quality, customize the page layout, download videos as MP4 files, and "turn off the lights," Hulu-style. This makes it vulnerable to server-side changes, but scriptmaker GIJoe is pretty relentless when it comes to maintenance, and links to his updates can be set to appear automatically at the top of the video page when they're detected.
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Between Flashblock & NoScript, I'm not bothered by autoplay, or annoying noisy ads, for that matter.
posted by Pronoiac at 1:40 PM on July 19, 2010

HOLY GOD that alternate ending is fucking unforgivably bad. And I like Titanic.
posted by lizzicide at 5:00 PM on July 19, 2010

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