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In 1940 several Surrealists were biding their time in a Villa near Marseille awaiting their Visa’s to escape from the oncoming Nazis. One way to while away the time was to play the Le Jeu de Marseilles with cards they had made themselves while waiting.
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Well, looks like we killed that first site, as it now doesn't load at all, even at the top-level domain.
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Ah! It's back!

Awesome post, by the way! Thanks.

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Not working for me, but here's a Google cache of the page, and one from with better formatting, but still no images.
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Excellent! (all links working for me...)
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Wow. These are great!
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Is there an actual game in this, or is it just a decorated deck of otherwise functional cards that would be used for Poker, 500, Hearts, Go Fish, Euchre, or any other standard game?
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Functional Surrealism, no longer an oxymoron!

The cards are cool, too.
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There is a book in French about the period, the cards and the artists. It may also be in English translation, I haven't checked yet.

Cool post, thanks!
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These are absolutely amazing. Great post. These are not playing cards; as the name suggests, they're based on Tarot de Marseille.
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