"A country road. A tree. Evening."
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It would have been nice for them to hide a "download entire book" link someplace in that website. Now that I've been to every page looking for one, I'll have to go back to every page to download the individual chapters.

Still, interesting project. I wish someone would do location-based free performances of Godot around this area. I'd be there.
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"He did not laissez les bons temps rouler today. Perhaps he will tomorrow."
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Very interesting. Thanks. Some stimulating ideas for local theatre projects.
posted by binturong at 11:30 AM on July 20, 2010

Ye gods. It's a month short of five years already.

It's been five pretty good years for me - I was moving back to New Orleans to be an utter failure for a while and live with my mother, instead I ended up in (frozen, Puritan) Boston taking a risk on an Internet relationship that went very well - and the last time I went down there the place felt somewhat alive again. There's still gaping holes.

I'll be moving again soon, just a month shy of the day the storm hit. Here's hoping it's not preceding another disaster.

And yeah. I'm not too familiar with Godot - only saw a college production of it once, years ago - but it does, indeed, fit the state of my home town all too well. Waiting for something that may never come, pondering the futility of it all in the middle of the wasteland.
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