The Future of Finance
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From the always upbeat and entertaining Paul Woolley Centre for the Study of Capital Market Dysfunctionality comes the publication of the book "The Future of Finance"

The book features two essays I thought the crowd might find interesting. Dr. Wooley himself on "Why are Financial Markets so Inefficient and Exploitative - and a Suggested Remedy" (PDF) and Martin Wolf of the FT (Archive & Bio here) & member of the UK's Independent Banking Commission on on "Why and how should we regulate pay in the financial sector?" (PDF) via this Simon Johnson post linked by Kiluless here
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For those so inclined here is a link to the .ppt presentations as well.
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Never fear, we have nothing to lose, 
so long as we posses our bleached bones, 
and our grinning, broken teeth. 

But take the Buffalo of the old west for instance. 
That vast slaughter of beasts was only consummated 
when all the bones were gathered up and ground to dust. 
There is no dignity in death,
so we have nothing to fear. 

I suggest that high finance can have my bone-dust, 
and create a fine tincture to sooth the industrial artifice. 
That is, sooth the industrial contraptions 
and quiet the deafening paper-shuffling,
    the legions of middle managers clearing their throats. 

If we are all locked into the death spiral, 
what can we do but throw ourselves beneath the nominal wheels of progress? 
Say a prayer to Saint Sebastian, and kneel in the Cold Stone Creamery.  
Aye, a fine cupful of rum, to spit in your eye.

A pox upon their heads, a pox!
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Oh, the "more inside" is way more interesting than the less outside, at the cost of only a few lines. I wish you hadn't hidden it below the fold. Good links though!
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