Cheat! Win a new car!
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Cheat! Win a new car! Ford's website tie-in to the NASCAR race series looks fairly normal on first glance. It's a contest that offers prizes (Grand Prize a new Taurus) based on picking the top Ford finishers in each week's race. However, the website is riddled with issues. Enough issues that no one should win a prize when all is said and done. More inside:
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For the last two weeks I have been able to enter my picks AFTER the race is over, in contrast to the stated deadline of a few hours before the green flag. At times I've been able to randomly login as other users by merely using the back button. My favorite part however is the fact that weekly trivia questions ended about 8 races ago, when it became painfully obvious that you could enter the same answers over and over gaining numerous bonus points in the process. What does this all mean? According to the rules, Ford won't be held accountable, and there is the potential that no one will win a prize. Was it a website that was unveiled before it was ready, or something else? Should I have cared more about winning a new car?
posted by machaus at 5:46 PM on July 31, 2001

All I'm wondering is what Taurus model are they giving away? Is this the CLI model? Ya know, the CLI - Taurus. ;) nyuck nyuck nyuk wheee.
posted by suprfli at 6:15 PM on July 31, 2001

I heard they were giving away a Toyoda.
posted by Neale at 9:50 PM on July 31, 2001

the website is riddled with issues.

Just like their cars! (and people who enjoy NASCAR..... j/k)
posted by gyc at 10:04 PM on July 31, 2001

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