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My name is Angelica Paez and I have been making collages for over 15 years.
Little has changed since then, except now I use sharp scissors. This is her website
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They're very reminiscent of the work of Robert Pollard (of Guided By Voices fame)
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... which is to say, I like them. There's a nice bit of humour in them.
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I like this one. Just my two cents.
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They're really uncluttered, for collage work, which I like a lot. Many times, collage artists just don't know when to stop, and I do appreciate the restraint she shows in her work.
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Some of them are quite Ernstian.
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Yay Angelica! She's great!

She also happens to have one of the very best collections of vintage photos and such at Flickr.
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Excellent stuff. Thank you for posting this.
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Very nice. As xingcat says, their spareness is part of the appeal.
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