Everybody make way for a pas de bourrée
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Did you like A Very Potter Musical? (previously) Well then, you'll probably want to catch A Very Potter Sequel, just premiered on YouTube after a special showing at Infinitus.
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Uh, OK.
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Excellent! I've been listening to the soundtrack for the first one (available for free at their site here), and I had forgotten that the sequel would be posted after Infinitus.
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I've been waiting for this forever and have had it on my calendar ever since they announced it, haha. The YouTube channel is being a bit slow (at least for the 720p version) so I've only watched the first song so far, but I already love it.
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I'm up to Act I Part 16 so far (I also added it to my calendar when they announced the 7/22 launch), think I'll save Act II for tomorrow. I love the StarKid troupe so much; I hope they keep making musicals together for many many years.
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Joey Richter is a better Ron than Rupert Grint by miles. I'm just gonna put that out there.

I've been squealing like a little girl about this for at least two days. Now that I've seen it, I can get back to normal life. Watching the Very Potter Musicals is like having a dream that I'm reading the books for the very first time all over again. They're completely jumbled up but weirdly true to the spirit, character and gist of the books. And good god damn, they're entertaining.
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Holy cow, I didn't even know they were doing a sequel. This is totally awesome!~
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This is seven kinds of awesome.
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