"They were not true, those dreams, those story books of youth..."
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Dream Voices: Siegfried Sassoon, Memory and War: artifacts, manuscripts, and illustrations from the diaries and notebooks of the World War I poet, currently on display at Cambridge University Library (exhibition blog), with an accompanying Picasa gallery, and audio slideshow from the BBC.
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This is wonderful!
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Sassoon's poetry is easily googled, for anyone who hasn't had a chance to read him yet. I only learned about him recently, through reading Goodby to all That, and I think it's worth mentioning that as well as becoming a powerful anti-war poet, he was a socialist and queer, and an all-around fascinating character.
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How versatile, he was a hair stylist and a poet!
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Ummm, that comment was supposed to have a borat tag...
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(obligatory hipster reference) the lyrics to Electrelane's "The Valleys" were mainly from Sassoon's "A Letter Home"
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First I had ever heard of him. Thanks for the introduction steef :)
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This is fascinating, thanks - he was a much more prolific doodler than I'd ever considered!
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Cambridge has posted video from the panel discussion at the "Dream Voices" exhibit opening: Max Egremont speaks on Sassoon's life and continuing significance as a writer; Santanu Das explores Sassoon's responses to the death of his friend David Thomas in 1916; and Tim Kendall discusses Sassoon's poem, "The Kiss".
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