Death and the Sea
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Obituaries editors probably belong by the sea. The cries of seagulls are their music, fading into infinity, and the light-filled sky bursts open like a gateway out of the world. The elderly gravitate there, shuffling in cheerful pairs along Marine Parade or jogging in slow motion past the Sea Gull Café, intent on some distant goal. Their skin is weathered and tanned, as if they have fossilised themselves in ozone to keep death at bay. They wear bright trainers, young clothes. But they have shifted to the shore here, or in Bexhill, or in Eastbourne, as if to the edge of life, and each flapping deck-chair reserves a waiting-place.
Ann Wroe, obituaries editor of The Economist, muses on mortality and the sea in the latest correspondent's diary, a series of articles by various Economist writers. You can read the magazine's obituaries here, including a recent one of former obituaries editor Keith Colquhoun. [Ann Wroe previously]
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Ann Wroe's previous correspondent's diary can be read here [Facebook link]
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That was lovely, thanks! Will have to carve time out to explore the other diaries.
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Also, I wish I could deploy "yobbish" occasionally, here in the US.
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I had read the main links but actually enjoyed that correspondent's diary link much more. Thank you!
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From Colquhoun: "Hunting around for something not too brutal to say about Tiny Rowland now that he is dead, those who knew him have remarked on his charm. The English language is helpful with the evasive word."
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All of these are utterly wonderful. Thank you! (I often feel a twinge of weird guilt at enjoying obituaries so much, the same way I feel about the In Memoriam segment of the Oscars.)
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I remember one obit in the Economist within the past year or so, about a fellow who was famous as a typewriter repairman. The tribute was witty but not condescending and quite a great piece of writing.

The other I remember was of a famous fish, again sometime within the past year....
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[this is good]
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