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Here is a brief history of the Coors Light Halloween promotions of the 1980s. And here is a more detailed history of the first of those promotions, the Coors Light BeerWolf.
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Ah, the suffix -wolf. Underutilized in contemporary English.
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I'm confused about the sexy photo of the BeerWolf and Elvira. Does the BeerWolf have human-style junk or a canine "red rocket"? I think the legality of what's implied in the photo may hinge on that.

Perhaps the mods can answer for someone who knows but wants to remain anonymous.
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The beer companies have worked together to schedule one "beer holiday" every two months: New Year's (for those too cheap or uncouth for champagne plus the morning after watching football), St. Patrick's Day (Green Beer!), Cinco de Mayo (you don't think Latino pride is driving that whole thing, do ya?), Fourth of July (beer + fireworks = dangerous fun), Labor Day (still working on a consolidated theme for that one, but give 'em time) and Halloween. Next comes the challenge of the months inbetween; they already have Super Bowl Sunday and post-feast Football Thanksgiving, but next spring we may be invited to celebrate "Beerster".
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A fascinating cautionary tale of the danger of letting ad copywriters freelance for trade magazines.
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Oh, Beerwolf is still getting work here and there.
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Oh, and: Beerwolf.
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I really need this taxidermic BeerWolf head to place on the wall in my trophy room, right next to TeenWolf.
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TwelveTwo: Nicht soviel auf Deutsch zwar.
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Wow. Beerwolf looks like middle school fan art. The exec who greenlighted that must have been drunk.

It kind of makes me think of the Keith Stone campaign for Keystone Light.
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Even when they work for a beer company, my mental image of an '80s advertising executive includes a lot of coke.
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Clearly, Guinness won the Hallowe'en Beer skirmish. Coors is just not dark or scary enough.

Ironic, considering that drunken frat-boy date-rape (hey, this is a pretty reasonable deconstruction of their own ad copy) is pretty fucking scary.
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Beerwolf sounds like yet another hipster band.
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