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Googlelittrips is a website that utilizes Google Earth to show readers the important locations in books they are reading.

While it focuses on children’s books from an educational point of view, there are maps for a variety of works from Make Way for Ducklings to The Odyssey to The Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. A complete list of the Lit Trips is here.

Note: you can get a feel for the project by just exploring the site, but to access maps for individual works, you must have Google Earth and you must download a .kmz file. If you do so, each file opens up to placemarks relevant to that literary work, paired with matching quotes and often additional links about the place.
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Oooo. Someone's using the Internet to re-create the sense of place that Tom Taylor's father sought to instill in him in The Unwritten. Excellent!
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The one for Schrodinger's Cat just makes the map collapse in on itself and crash the browser.
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yeah I'm reading Against the Day right now. I believe I would need a computer monitor made out of iceland spar to take that Lit Trip.
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this is a great concept. I am always interrupting my reading to google and map about places in my books :)
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I just finished reading the Odyssey, and a piece of geography called Ulysses Found, so this is handy right now. Of course, most all of the locations are vague and in dispute, but that's kind of the fun of it. Lots of different ideas.
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When my sweetie and I were traveling in Iceland last summer, I made him drive through some random (and gorgeous) farming valleys merely because they had featured in the book Iceland's Bell by Halldór Laxness, which I had read prior to the trip. I would love to have Google Earth files for Laxness's books.
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I'm glad I'm not the only one that immediately thought of Against the Day. I would love, absolutely love, to see one of these for that book. If it is even possible, that is.
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Nice idea, but all the files I tried to access 404ed...
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Google Books will let you do something like this for nearly any book.
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What, no City of Glass?
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