Cool collective art.
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Cool collective art. This project takes blank slate real-world media (journals, t-shirts, books, etc..) and snail mails it around to participants who add to the work creating a collective piece of art. It aims to replicate what happens on-line, MeFi for example, but using real-world objects and postal mail.
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That sounds a lot like the 1000journals project (see this thread).
posted by dithered at 9:56 AM on August 1, 2001

it is and it isn't. is more the connective tissue that enables people to join projects like 1000journals (there are many), or initiate individual swaps. it's additive. Here are a few of my favourite swaps.

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You know, it's always a good thing to credit the site where you found it.. That is, unless you were just googling or typing random words into the browser...
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hey jay - nervousness is linked at lots of places: 1000 journals (where i first found it), mockerybird (where erik, who started nervousness, hangs out), and two of my own sites (hi there self-link police!): calamondin (last month), and 20 things. probably lots of other places too - does it really matter where stbalbach found it? (which is not to say that heather & derek haven't done great things for the visibility of the project, of course...)
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Well, it's always nice to give credit where credit is due, no? That's all I was saying. I wasn't mean about it, was I? If so, then blame a lack of blood in my coffee system.
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I found it at Artigen under "Cool Sites" for July 31st .. find a lot of interesting links at Artigen.
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Mail art, eh?
posted by rschram at 3:20 PM on August 3, 2001

Just found this- This is really cool. Didn't want to double post, but thought maybe people who sort by recent commments would see it, start some new discussion.
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