No. That’s too many. Backspace. Just right.
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"Mom! Bethany won't let me play Doodle Jump!" Because there's a story behind every emoji-laden review app review.
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i vomited a little.
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This has to be the first App Store fanfic ever. Loved it.
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MetaFilter: Everybody knows you’re not supposed to antagonize stingrays.
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I'm a sucker for story-telling moments that include a "How many? All of them" moment. I remember quin's comment on Mefi about Somali pirates being blocked by thousands of dolphins:

Pirate leader: "What do you mean? How many dolphins could it be?"

First mate: "Uh, all of them, I think..."

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Wow. Isn't Doodle Jump like $1? I mean, an average kid could probably get that much money out of the crevices in the couch.
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I like doodle jump, my daughter (age 9) loves doodle jump, but someone people are really really inspired by doodle jump .
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This is goddamn hilarious. Of course, I have a son and a daughter.
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@yeti: "What do you mean 'everyone'?"
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"an average kid could probably get that much money out of the crevices in the couch."

I'm fairly certain there aren't verified iTunes store accounts linked to bank details buried in my couch.

Hmm... better check, you never know!
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Hahaha. This is great.
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How the hell do you write those emoji??
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sveskemus: There's a free emoji keyboard app. Apple made the software keyboard extensible to end developers, so you can type in foreign languages like Kitty Kat and Horsie. I'm using it to name folders and writing the occasional review in the app store.
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Cool, thanks chairface!
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Doodlejump may be a buck on the iPhone, but it's $3.49 on Android and the latest release has been broken for weeks--broken as in "Oh look suddenly no platforms GAME OVER".
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