Meet the Intimidator
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The Intimidator was created by Michigan machinist GarE Maxton. Here's his portfolio. (Previously.) [Via MAKEblog.]
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Also zip guns designed to order! That can't possibly be legal.
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I am a fan of this. I'm just beginning to understand metal work (I now have a rented space at the Shipyard)

Everything done here was roughly 10 times harder than it looks, and none of it looks easy.
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More people are killed by their own puzzles than use puzzles to successfully defend themselves.

That said: WANT
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If you scroll down to the bottom of this page there's a picture of a National Firearms Act Stamp for the pistol.

I think that means it's legal.

Also, those puzzles freak me out a little; I can't imagine the amount of time and obsession they take to design and make.
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The box. You posted it. We came.
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Okay - for those who are skimming - the gigantic puzzle and the gun are the same thing. The gun is made from pieces you retrieve during disassembly of the gigantic puzzle.
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If you have one of these sitting on your desk in pieces, and the boss sees it there completed two months later, you're automatically fired for neglecting your work.
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This guy takes gun safety to a whole new level.


"Darling, did you read about the boy who found his father's gun and shot himself by mistake?"

"Don't worry, honey, our Tommy can barely work a Rubik's cube."


"Darling, there is an armed intruder breaking into our house."

"Don't worry, honey, I have the Intimidator right here. Uh, gimme a second..."


"Maybe I can throw it at him."
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More than that...
The sculpture includes everything required for assembly of the puzzle pistol. Integrated into the sculpture are a customized set of tools, all necessary hardware, 45 caliber bullets, a standard sight, a laser sight, a cannister containing black powder pellets, a secure storage area for 209 shotgun primers, a spent primer removal tool and a ramrod for loading the bullets.
And yes, he adds that it was inspired by the totally unworkable but magically special gun in The Man with the Golden Gun.

So it's a puzzle sculpture that's also an entirely self-contained killing machine. Countdown to a mystery novel in which the victim is killed by something like this in 3... 2... 1...
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Great, now we won't be able to bring puzzle boxes on planes anymore.
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This is not an improvised firearm under NFA, it's a muzzleloader (so by definition, it's exempt).

That tax stamp is unnecessary.
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whatnotever: "Maybe I can throw it at him."

Well, it's 40lbs, so if you can get it there, it would probably cause some damage...
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also, comma
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C.S.I. bait i I'll bet. Next season.
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I can not imagine the thought process that goes into making this. I have a hard time playing chess, thinking more than a few moves in advance... Someone who can create something like this has a way of thinking I can't even fathom.
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Aww... and here I thought it was going to be about the ZZ Top car.
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Muzzle loaders are not considered firearms, and are not subject to the same restrictions.
You still need to be 18 to buy black powder, I think.

I have a single shot black powder muzzle loading pistol, but it's no where as cool as that...
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I ain't afraid of no block puzzle.
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Good god. Patient, much?
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Muzzle loaders are not considered firearms, and are not subject to the same restrictions.

Yeah, you can walk into any place that sells them and buy them with no background check or waiting period.

I've often thought it would be entertaining to walk into a store to buy a black powder revolver, and exactly six bullets, only to pause, ask about how long it takes to reload, take a moment to consider, and then ask for a second revolver and another six bullets.

I haven't because I don't want to put some poor clerk into a position where they have to think I'm actually going to do something bad, but the idea still sits in the back of my head amusing me.

Cool puzzle though.
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