Young Videographers
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Tempus I, an artistic look at the English countryside, and Tempus II, super slow motion video of stuff being destroyed. From up and coming video photographers James Adair and Philip Heron; with music from Moby's Play the B Sides.

Be sure to watch in fullscreen if you can.
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The slow-motion one has a few great shots. Mostly, demo reels like this leave me kind of wishing the videographers would get to working on something other than demo reels. Clearly they are technically adept, but do they have anything to say? These are not bad, but a little screensaver-y (screensavoury?).
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dude, i am totally 100 percent completely and thoroughly a-ok with them not having anything to say right now. that was perfect.
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Thanks to mythbusters I'm totally hooked on high speed cameras. I'd watch paint dry in slow motion.
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I could watch slow motion shots all day. Especially ones that show how gelatinous people look while doing things in slow-motion.
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I'd watch paint dry in slow motion. --- Try this one, then: Extreme slowmo of a lightning storm.
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Ooh! I recognize the bridge that opens the first one - that's Welwyn Viaduct. Lovely stuff, thanks for posting!
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crunchland holy crap is that cool.
posted by selenized at 8:27 PM on July 28, 2010

Tempus I: a cheesey tourist advert with boring muzak.

Tempus II: kinda interesting but still with the boring muzak.
posted by Lleyam at 12:59 AM on July 29, 2010

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