Hockey Hair
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Hockey Star is the latest in Seattle accordionist Jason Webley's collaborative EP series. Recorded with Big Little Dipper Dipper, it's described as "dance music from the early 90's of the future".

This is the 6th of 11 planned collaborations.
Samples of the previous 5:

Eleven Saints w/ Jay Thompson

How Big Is Tacoma w/ Andru Bemis

Two Bottles Of Wine w/ The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band

Elephant Elephant w/ Amanda Palmer (previously)

Days With You w/ Sxip Shirey (previously)
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Heh. It's funny, because I was just listening to Blake Baxter, whom he almost seems like he's trying to sound like in "Hockey Star" (although I don't know how much that's intentional in Blake's case specifically). I can't say I like any of the other tracks so far, but they're interesting, anyway.
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Okay, there's more accordeon later on. That saves it.
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I have MeFi to thank for my newish love for Jason Webley. And I have Jason Webley (and Amanda Palmer) to thank for my even newer love for Sxip Shirey.
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