The USS Gen. H.F. Hodges In Photos
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From 1945 to 1946, Leonard Rudoff served as Apprentice Seaman, 3rd Class on the troop transport USS Gen. H.F Hodge as it made its way to India, Egypt, NYC, and San Francisco. And he took photos along the way..[via mefi projects]

Check out the "Best of" gallery (It has a puppy!) or meet the sailors, the places they went, the ship, or the photographer himself.
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oh man i LOVE this kind of stuff.

my grandfather raised me. he joined the navy at age 17 in 1952, so stuff about the navy from this era always me feel like i get to see a little bit of his life on the sea. (he died in 1997, so he's not around for me to ask questions about his life anymore.)

thanks for posting this!
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Bookmarked under 'show fellow cosplay buddies during weekend'. Thanks!
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I love this kind of stuff too. My father and my uncles were in the US Navy during this period, wish they had taken some pictures!
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These are fabulous. First the color photos from the depression, now this. Thanks.
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Yep. My dad served on a destroyer a little later, starting in '54, but I sent these to him anyway. What a cool thing!
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(This are my father's photos; a little more info is on the mefi projects page)

I haven't had luck finding any of the sailors identified in the photos (or at least their families), but any still alive would be in their eighties or nineties now. It's too bad I didn't find these ten years ago when they were more likely to still be around.
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