Have you eaten your pound of potatoes today?
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Beans are bullets. Potatoes are powder. An exhibition of food posters from the National Agricultural Library.
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I want a store that sells quality prints of public domain posters but I wish there was a store that sold reproductions of public domain posters using poster printer techniques from the era.
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This is awesome!
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This one seems just as pertinent today.
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Have you eaten your pound of potatoes?

Eat cottage cheese rather than meat.

Apparently my 2010 stomach was programmed with 1917 USDA standards.
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I love posters with vintage art. Box of apples has fruit crate labels as posters and Plan 59 has amazing posters from the 50s.
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I'm still supporting the war effort with my herculean consumption of potatoes.
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Pineapples are hand grenades, packages of ramen are claymore mines!
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"bullets" are the chunky part of a fart caused from eating beans.
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Beans are to be plated, then overthought. Taters can be soft or hardcore.
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This is weird, because just yesterday I was reading up on rocksalt shotgun rounds. Long story short, they don't work and (obviously) corrode the inside of your barrel pretty badly. So in searching for a less-than-lethal alternative, I found a forum full of good ol' boys who highly recommend navy beans. Apparently they work well for scaring off nasty dogs and thieves and what-not, are effective at 20 yards or so and don't pierce the skin. And thus, beans are bullets.
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the expression on this is just perfect "Oh yeah! YEAH! I'm totally ready! yep! I just need a second, you know come back in a week, I'm just uh TOO ready to talk now! Yeah that's it!"
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Of course conflating the idea of fighting a war any sort of everyday personal sacrifice seems laughably dated now.
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Oops, I missed out a "with". Could the mods add it and then delete this?
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