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Portraits by Richard Dumas; a page (one of many) of actors and directors; a Brooklyn gang (photographed by Bruce Davidson) in 1959; photographs by Ernesto Bazan. Clive Limpkin. Some Warhol Polaroids. Film set photographs and portraits by Brigitte Lacombe. Photographs by: Dennis Hopper [nsfw], Weegee [nsfw], Jeff Bridges, Julia Calfee [nsfw], Ed Templeton [nsfw], Lauren Dukoff, Robert Frank, Sid Grossman and Allen Ginsberg. A Princeton Dance Weekend in 1960, an American family vacation in 1950, Los Angeles, Coney Island, et cetera. A diverse livejournal collection of photographs.
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Wow. There are some gripping images in there.
posted by Xoebe at 3:43 PM on July 29, 2010

I love the pictures of the Brooklyn gang. A lot. Beautiful.
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I love the pictures of the Brooklyn gang. A lot. Beautiful.

Me too.
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All the photos by Leonard Freed are good, but this one is awesome!

(Btw, for a soundtrack to browse those archives try Son House, I had him running by accident and thought it worked quite well together)
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Thirding the amazing Brooklyn photos.
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Hmm. The Los Angeles link is basically a link to a scrape of the LA Times Photo Archive (or what's been digitized anyway), which is hosted on the UCLA Library's really cool digital collections website.

I'm not sure where the other stuff's coming from (and I guess thanks for keeping the names of the photographers intact at least, random LJ guy), but I wanted to point out the home of those images (a collection which used to be called Changing Times, in reference the LA Times and the span of the archive, so this is an old scrape).
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Dennis Hopper had a good eye, I keep meaning to find out what his art art was like.
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Fan -- tastic.

The Brooklyn gang photos make me appreciate the look of West Side Story (the movie) a whole lot more.
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Davidson's work marks how subcultural aesthetics like a feedback loop--non hollywood uses those aesthetics to create a social identity inspired by hollywood aesthetics, hollywood looks at non hollywood for authenticity, and makes it filmic, DAvidson does this for a lot of masculinities, and i find it really fascanting.
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What I'm seeing here are all good photographs. What I note is that there was a sort of golden age in capturing people as you would see them if you weren't pointing a camera; indifferent. I see this in the NY gang photographs but not in - for example - the Ginsberg snaps. I don't know if that is what the subjects in the NY gang photographs were trying to project but if that is the case those people were fucking good. If you look at old daguerreotypes you see people posed. If you see any picture of anyone that is not a child nowadays they are posing, aware of the camera and the permanence of the image and that there is potentially an audience, like every picture of a person on facebook.
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These are fucking incredible. There's just so much history in a snapshot… like the real reason cigarette machines had mirror fronts. Love the candid shots of students from the 30s.
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The ones of Kubrick were neat, 'specially the one in the junk yard.
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I find I mostly prefer the photos of unknown people. The celebrities seem a distraction. Except Ms. Loren was there, and she is never a "distraction". Oh wait, there was Elizabeth Montgomery was in there, too (an amazingly beautiful woman). I think I've viewed the entire collection, I was that fascinated.

I don't care if it is some guy that pulled these together, they are, as a collection, interesting. The blogger did me a favor.
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