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Look, I just like guitars. And I think this is the best guitar blog I have ever seen. For example, this great story about a punk rock bass from New Zealand. And this one about the Maton Phil Manning Custom Stereo. And it's always nice to find some good Antipodean content.
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I've been thinking about rehabilitating the busted up Hagstrom I've got laying around. This is inspiration. Also, I never knew Ibanez knocked off the Les Paul bass. Their 70-era knock-offs were great, actually.
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Maton sure make beautiful guitars. My good friend growing up had a Phil Manning, I my self had a Maton ibis which wasn't so nice, not as nice as the jb4 - which is really nice, and is possibly the best thing I own. Thanks for the post
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I came so close to buying a Maton a few years back, but nowhere in the UK seems to ever carry their electrics, and the import is insane. I'll get one though... just biding my time!
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The Hagstroms seem to be all the rage in the vintage guitar shops here in NYC and on eBay. Usually there is some 'John Lennon's first guitar!!' nonsense attached to it, but they are weirdly pretty in a Picasso sort of way I think. Me, I'm saving up for a Gibson RD Artist.
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It's nice to see a guitar blog that's not all OMGAMAEZING FENDAR RELICS!1!! and focuses on real, used guitars. Nice find. Thanks!
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Please don't do this to guitars you love.
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The linked Phil Manning is missing the pickup selector lever — it's very distinctive.

I went to a launch of this guitar. Phil played, I smoked twenty Black and Whites and threw up from the train door on the way home.

I suppose it was a win for humanity on the whole, although a bit grubby.
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I have a friend who owned a stereo Maton and sold it and can't live it down.
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that Scavenger's link is full of awesomeness.
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Please don't do this to guitars you love.
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Ahm -- I'm slow -- what shouldn't people do? And why? The curled up string ends?
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Yes, because the ends of strings are very sharp and can scratch up the finish on the headstock. If you don't care about the finish on your guitar, it doesn't matter… but like I said, for guitars that you love, trim the excess.
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