An inventive way to get cybersquatter off your domain.
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An inventive way to get cybersquatter off your domain. [page 3 & 4] Anyone have any great domain theft/squatting stories? My office just won a domain battle, and was served papers for another soon after. Life Goes on...[also tidbits on the motivations of congress in passing domain-use laws.]
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porn site operator has your name? Easy. Call His Wife.
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I must be dense, and this is just a teensy bit off topic, but how does Hellen Wells Agency become "HLA"? This is going to bug me all night.
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At this moment all six of helenwells.* and helenwellsagency.* are registered to them.

Can't find where the article writer got "HLA" from, though. They don't seem to use it. Bad OCR?
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Not that they are sqwatters, but for the longest time this hard ware store in either Beirut, Lebanon or somewhere in Palestine had registered the domain name They never built anything with that domain. Now it is owned by some other schmuck. :-(
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Had some wise guy that wanted a domain that I had registered for a friend (and still had my contact info on it). Since my contact info wasn't too forthcoming, relatives of mine were getting calls from him trying to track me down. Then the guy started claiming he had a trademark and sent a half completed trademark application as 'proof'.

Our lawyer started the paperwork battle with his supposed lawyer and we never heard from him again. We've since reorganized a bit and the domain sits registered and unused becuase the person with grand ideas hasn't followed through with any of them.
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no problems here.

but then i again, i am a crafty and imaginative fellow.
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I think I've got it...
Helen Wells Agency = HLA
Chicago O'Hare International = ORD
Orlando International = MCO
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