Officials Say The Darnedest Things
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ProPublica now has a tumblelog.
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Never seen ProPublica before... just spent the last 45 minutes checking it out. Six dubious police shootings after Hurricane Katrina. Some which officially never happened. Incredible.

Can anyone tell me if ProPublica leans in any direction politically? Is it more Kos or more LGF, or bang in the middle?
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Not sure, uh, but they are the type of people that say shit like, "a Digital Salute to Syngergistic MindThinking." Is that a Yes Men type of construct that I'm not hep enough to know about? Or maybe it's a tip o' the hat to a really great 1980s sci-fi novel that I have yet to read.
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Well it's better looking than most tumblr blogs. It annoys the heck out of me everytime they're on NPR and it's pronounced Pro Pub-lic-ah instead of Pro Poob-leeh-cah.
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Is it more Kos or more LGF?

Maybe that's not a fair question. If the right side of politics is particularly in need of "investigating" then of course the investigative site will come across as left-leaning. More wondering if anyone's noticed a pattern of obvious storm-teacup-beatups in any particular direction? Thinking of adding ProPublica to my rookie list of daily reads.

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It annoys the heck out of me everytime they're on NPR and it's pronounced Pro Pub-lic-ah instead of Pro Poob-leeh-cah.

Yeah, pronouncing caveat as anything but cah-way-aht always gets me riled up.
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The "synergistic mindthinking' dribble is, I'm glad to say, very much out of character for Pro Publica. In fact I look at the page and think "What the hell is that doing there"? I read the notice hoping that it was an ironic usage, perhaps in reference to a particularly laughable pull quote, like "series of tubes" or something, but I didn't spot it and the googles return no other example of it being used anywhere else.
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Hey all, I worked on this and the "Synergistic MindThinking" was what we hoped to be a humorous take on a particular tendency in the journalism world to overplay our hands when it comes to this kinda stuff. We're usually so stodgy and confused by all things internet that we overanalyze and strategize our efforts to do something cool. The funniest thing to come out of this tumblr so far is that that joke has fallen totally flat -- even when we think we're being hip we still come off a little stodgy and confusing.

As to the leaning question, all I can say is we get the same amount of hate mail from both sides.

Source of the MindThinking, which is in turn a parody of this dude.
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Also, from our FAQ we're mostly on the Pro-PUB-lica side, but hey whatever works for you.
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