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Pop music in the '60s ran the gamut from Bobby Russell's "Saturday Morning Confusion" to "Come Saturday Morning" (from the soundtrack of "The Sterile Cuckoo"* and performed by the same guys who sang of "Guantanamo -mera"). And they still write songs today about "Saturday Morning" (with pancakes! and vampires!).

The first thing Disney did when it took over ABC was "One Saturday Morning"**. But then there are the "REAL Saturday Morning Watchmen" (remixed from previously on MeFi). (other Saturday Morning video posts)

*yes, that is a very young Liza Minnelli
**I'll never forgive them for canceling "Reboot" and "Bump in the Night", the only Saturday toons I still enjoyed, because they weren't produced by Disney

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It's weird how certain memories stay with you but one of mine is being in the sixth grade and stuck in a classroom watching the school choir rehearse "Come Saturday Morning" (over and over and over again). Interesting to know the source material for a song that's stuck in my head ever since.
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One Saturday Morning was five hours long? Damn, I truly must not have had anything to give a fuck about when I was eight.
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Huh, I never made the connection between Guantanamera and Guantanamo. Now I feel kind of silly about that!
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When Saturday Comes
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I started buying singles with my allowance in 1971. "Jesus Christ Superstar" was the first one I ever purchased. "Saturday Morning Confusion" was the second.
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Would you look at the time?
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Why was the One Saturday Morning intro about going to work?
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That "Bump in the Night" intro made me flash back so hard my nose is bleeding.
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Reboot got way serious drama near the end. It foreshadowed a common arc to be found years later in a wide range of web comics.
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You goony virgin!
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