They are the robots
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Botjunkie fulfills all your robot needs, from balancing, cooperating, dancing, aggressive quadrotors (previously); through other combined or perching flying bots (though the birds object sometimes); to the hideous dancing, crying, kissing, babies of the uncanny valley; to the dextrous everyday pancake, chef and origami bots.
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The 'aggressive' link is quite impressive but it's important to remember that they're doing motion capture with 20 fixed cameras (which is why they needed all those IR lights to illuminate the reflectors) in order to feed the position and orientation information back into their control system, so it's not like you'd be able to do that in an arbitrary location unless you had time to set up a bunch of sensitive instrumentation beforehand.
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(And in the other quadrotor links for that matter too -- should have finished watching them all before commenting.)
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Pushing and/or Shoving?

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Skimmed through these, and my current favorite robot is still little dog.
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