Quasi-hypnotic mathematical construct
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Bruce and Katharine Cornwell are primarily known for a series of remarkable animated films on the subject of geometry. Created on the Tektronics 4051 Graphics Terminal, they are brilliant short films, tracing geometric shapes to intriguing music, including the memorable 'Bach meets Third Steam Jazz' musical score in ‘Congruent Triangles.’
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Where can I get the soundtrack to the 'Congruent Triangles' video?
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I thought maybe they'd also made the deeply disturbing 'The Dot and the Line', which I'm sure we all remember from grade school. But no, this was before their time. It's worth revisiting though.
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I admit it. I am a geometry nerd and LOVE this. thanks!
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Related, I love this video by Michal Levy set to Giant Steps.
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These are neat.
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What's disturbing about Dot and Line? Dot and Line rule.
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I don't understand how that video could've been made on the terminal described in the other link. The video has several colors, and the lines it draws don't stay on the screen.

Was each frame made individually on a 4051 and then assembled using traditional animation techniques that added the colors later?
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