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Extracts of Local Distance combines fragments of existing architectural photography into multilayered shapes, so the resulting collages introduce a third abstract point of view alongside the original views of the architect and photographer. Joseph Egan is a student at Chelsea College of Art & Design, and he's been experimenting with anamorphic typography.
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Absolutely beautiful, reminds me of Felice Varini!
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That's really neat. Some of the pictures remind me of Zaha Hadid's concept drawings, in the way there are all kinds of seemingly-disconnected planes and shapes bursting out of a neutral plane.
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What a cool technique, with beautiful results - I especially like the side-by-side comparison between Mies's and Libeskind's buildings. I only wish he had tried it on something built before the 20th century.
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I wonder if they could kick up the 43d3d3 a bit?
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Seriously, though, a cool auto-collage technique. As far as being a kind of generative architecture synthesizer, less so, as there's not really a way of expanding configurations back out into 3d and working with them.

Also, Daniel Libeskind needs to stop getting so much attention.
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