"I'm Clark Weber, with another Senior Moment"
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Clark Weber was a radio personality in Chicago for decades, known for his contribution to the musical tastes of the Windy City. His years behind the mike and turntable led him to write a book featuring his knowledge of rock and roll learned during his years at WLS. Today he runs a radio advertising consulting agency, and has a nationally syndicated radio spot, A Senior Moment.

His weekday segments include many thoughts about life in the 2010s from a senior citizen perspective (Commercial-free bird watching, Jazz: Good luck San Francisco, Shopping with your wife). His commentary does, however, veer into more controversial content at times (Don't ask, don't tell, Problems across the border, Tea party). [All audio clips are 1m30s, including 30 second advertisement at the end.]

The current 3 months of programs can be found here, with full archives of the show found here.
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I remember him as a DJ at WLS in the '60s. I don't know that I'd particularly consider spinning top 40 records a contribution to musical tastes, but if you wanted to listen to current music, that was your only choice at the time.

I made it through about a minute of one of his senior rants. He started bitching about Obama spending "money we don't have" on health care. Really? I hope he realizes Medicare is one of those spending programs that benefits old farts.

Get off of my lawn.
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There are so many WLS greats that I love, both those were on when I listened in the 70's, and many of the others I learned about later via WLS retro weekends and ReelAudio airchecks. Clark never struck me as one of the stronger WLS jocks, and I cringe a little when I hear him now. But he does have some GREAT Chicago rock and roll stories and doesn't shy away from naming names and telling some of the details others might have blurred a little.
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