DIY Jazz Wall Art, just add printer.
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Between 1938 and 1948, William P. Gottlieb wrote about and photographed the jazz world. In 1995, the Library of Congress acquired his collection of approximately 1500 photographs covering more than 250 jazz musicians. While discussed here seven years ago, not mentioned at that time was the fact that Mr. Gottlieb agreed to transfer his copyrights into the public domain 15 years after acquisition. Fast forward to 2010, and you will find that the Library has added high resolution TIFFs download links to the image pages (click on the thumbnail images to get to the TIFF download links). A few pictures to whet your appetite: Ella Fitzgerald and Dizzy Gillespie, Cab Calloway, Les Paul, Django Reinhardt, Nat King Cole, Duke Ellington, Sidney Bechet, and Louis Armstrong.
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Please note that "In accordance with the wishes of William Gottlieb, the photographs in this collection entered into the public domain on February 16, 2010, but rights of privacy and publicity may apply. Privacy and publicity rights protect the interests of the person(s) who may be the subject(s) of the work or intellectual creation. Users of photographs in the Gottlieb collection are responsible for clearing any privacy or publicity rights associated with the use of the images."

So while you should have no problem printing up posters for your own use, you might want to think twice before trying to sell prints or t-shirts.
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Sarah Vaughan
Norma Sheppard
Nellie Lutcher
Ella Fitzgerald

These are gorgeous, thanks for the links.
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bassamp! (Portrait of Shelley Manne and Art Pepper playing with the Stan Kenton orchestra) wantwantwant. Check the mother of pearl cover on that thing man oh man oh man.

I'm about 1/3 of the way through Pepper's biography Straight Life and he spends a couple chapters on the Stan Kenton touring days, so this is amazingly well-timed for me, as well as just plain amazing.
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Nat King Cole sure likes hangin' out at the gym. Needs to get him a locker, tho.
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Good god, but I love this photo. The first person is one of the most talented comedic minds of the time; the second person is one of the most brilliant piano players of the time. And I have no idea who the third person is; the credit on the photo seems to me to be a pseudonym.
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Nat King Cole got him some crazy friends, too.
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Just wondering what the disposition of all his photos taken AFTER 1948 may be. Are they all still "under wraps" and not in the L o C?
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According to the LoC bio, after 1948 he left the jazz scene and went to making filmstrips. He did take a few photos in retirement -- if you search for "1980s" you'll find four photos in his collection taken around then.

As to his filmstrips, they are probably still owned by McGraw-Hill.
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Aw, hell yeah.

Thanks for the post!
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koeselitz, those links that you're posting point to temporary files on the LOC's server. IOW, those links will be permanently broken. :/
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Fabulous! Thanks.
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Great post, thanks. (And yeah, could people please link to jpg files like Devils Rancher did? None of koeselitz's links work.)
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They're going up on Flickr too.
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well, that was obnoxious. temporary links? why?
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Those are some sexy people. This picture of Cab Calloway makes my heart go pitter-pat. And this one. And this super hot Miles Davis. In fact, most of the pictures I've looked at so far. Only Claude Thornhill looks like less than a groupie magnet. Not homely, mind you. Just not like these folks (hipsters take note!)
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While discussed here seven years ago...

Discussed ? Nay, posted--and double posted at that, as both Miguel and languagehat politely pointed out that second time around.
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Miguel and I are nothing if not polite.
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