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Kilroy's Kingdom Robert Kilroy-Silk is the 'king' of the British talkshows (a title conferred because he's the only male talkshow host). 'Off The Telly' investigates why an ex-MP and potential Prime Minister now finds himself attempting to relate with the common people three hundred and sixty mornings a year (including repeats). Typical quote: "I suppose I’m really lucky, I get on really well with my son - always have - but some fathers and sons don’t always find it easy to be friends ... some boys are even deprived of their father altogether, when he walks out, and dumps not just their wife, but them. Which is a bit like you Mike, you haven’t seen your Craig, who’s 15, for seven years. Why’s that?" No on screen fights then, but one old buffer got frisky one morning and tried to remove his pants . . .
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the "relationship" between Politics and Media is becoming more symbiotic? (a co-op or close union) Media, by definition, relays events from its source (headlines, commentary, articles, etc.) The media, by its design, is meant to be a detached source of information, easily "turned off" (or folded up, or thrown away) so by its nature(media) it is detached. I think this is just a way to blame the media for peoples lack of interest (generally) in politics. (perhaps it is easier to grumble then be informed)
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