Successful fundraising with Kickstarter
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"In April 2010, Ashley Rawlings and I used community fundraising to raise nearly $24,000 to breathe new life into our book, Art Space Tokyo. My goal [in this blog post] is to outline what we did and why we did it, with the hope of inspiring anyone with an itch, gumption and a good narrative, to do the same. To bring beautiful, well-considered things into the world."
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I picked up a copy of the book via the kickstarter project. It's quite nice. I'm not entirely sure i'll ever have a chance to really use it, but as pretty books go, this one is quite nice.

All of Craig Mod's blog posts are pretty damn good.
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Quite nice twice? I need an editor.
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A bit of an aside, but would that all blogs were so exquisitely designed!
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How much user data flows from Kickstarter to funded projects?
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We are given contact information for their kickstarter accounts. But we never get addresses unless people provide them for shipping, etc.
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jscott, like e-mails or just kickstarter account names?
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Made possible in part by Metafilter's Own™ waxpancake.
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And, err... apparently also by our own jscott!
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I'm merely an advocate and fan of Kickstarter, not affiliated with it in any way other than giving the founders a headache from talking their ear off at various events.
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